Features & Benefits

A typical tanker trailer will carry and unload a combination of diesel fuel and various grades of gasoline. The camlock couplings used on the hose and fittings are the same size and design regardless of the fuel being loaded or unloaded. Even with color coding and tagging systems in place crossovers can happen if a driver is distracted or not paying attention to procedures. The KamKey™ coupling is the final barrier to preventing crossovers. When used as a complete system to tag, load and unload fuel where each fuel has its own KamKey coupling configuration it will eliminate crossovers and simplify procedures designed to prevent crossovers. The KamKey coupling will eliminate the high cost of crossovers related to:

  • Downtime of tanker trailers and service stations
  • Pumping out and cleaning tanks
  • Treatment and disposal of mixed product
  • Down grading of premium fuel
  • Tarnished brand image for oil companies and carriers
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Health and Safety
  • Liability


  • Prevents crossovers during loading and unloading
  • Discharges with multiple hoses
  • Works with standard Camlock couplings and accessories
  • KamKey rings can rotate relative to the coupling for hose alignment
  • KamKey rings are outside of the product flow path
  • Provides bump protection of hose fittings and tight fill drop elbows
  • Cuts downtime at the service station
  • Eliminates driver error
  • Saves time at the terminal and the service station
  • Simple and easy to use mechanical system
  • Backward compatible with standard camlock couplings
  • No complicated computer or electronic systems to implement and learn
  • Works seamlessly with existing procedures
  • Low cost to implement and maintain
  • Simply replace regular camlock fittings with KamKey fittings