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Welcome to KamKey Innovations, the creators of the revolutionary KamKey™ coupling. Our innovative coupling is designed to prevent fuel mix-ups or crossovers at service stations. In the bulk petroleum transportation industry, fuel mix-ups have become all too common. The cost incurred by carriers, oil companies, and their customers in North America alone amounts to tens of millions of dollars each year.

The KamKey coupling is a game-changing solution that combines the convenience of a standard cam and groove or camlock coupling with the added security of fuel-specific KamKey rings (keyed rings). These specially designed rings prevent the interchangeability of couplings and fittings configured for different fuels. When utilized on the hoses and fittings connecting the tank trailer to the service station storage tank, our KamKey coupling becomes an integral part of a comprehensive system that eliminates fuel crossovers.

At KamKey Innovations, we actively seek industry engagement and collaboration with companies eager to harness the potential of the KamKey coupling. Beyond its application in retail fuel deliveries, our groundbreaking technology extends to diverse sectors such as chemicals, mining, and many others. We invite you to explore our website and discover more about KamKey Innovations, along with the remarkable features and benefits offered by the KamKey coupling.

Together, let’s revolutionize the way fuel is handled and ensure a future free from costly and disruptive fuel mix-ups. We look forward to hearing from you.


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