Welcome to KamKey Innovations Inc.


We are the inventors of the KamKey™ coupling – The Keyed Camlock Coupling. The KamKey coupling is designed to eliminate the high cost of fuel mix-ups at service stations. A fuel mix-up or crossover is a common and costly occurrence in the bulk petroleum transportation industry. The estimated cost to carriers, oil companies, and their customers is in the tens of millions of dollars every year in North America alone.

The KamKey coupling is a standard cam and groove or camlock coupling configured with fuel-specific KamKey rings (keyed rings) that prevent interchangeability of couplings and fittings configured for different fuels. The KamKey coupling is used on the hoses and fittings connecting the tank trailer to the service station storage tank. When used as part of a complete system to tag, load and unload fuel, it will prevent crossovers.

We are seeking industry engagement and collaboration with companies wishing to exploit the KamKey coupling. In addition to retail deliveries of fuel, the KamKey coupling also has applications in chemical, mining and many other industries. Please have a look around to learn more about KamKey Innovations and the features and benefits of the KamKey coupling.


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